Our Commitment

Knowledge & Skill Without Equal

We take great pride in being the leading boutique full-service alternative dispute resolution firm in Florida. Including our panelists, we have a combined experience which exceeds more than two centuries. Our 6th time in being selected by Super Lawyers as best in the ADR category is a testament to our patience, persistence, and professionalism. To this point, we work diligently and tenaciously to bring the parties together to resolve their disputes through the ADR process.

Our mission is clear and unwavering – “We strive to provide the best environment, support, and processes where our mutual clients can feel safe and unthreatened as they work to resolve their disputes.” We continually strive to see that our fees for services are most reasonable and always competitive.

Our unrelenting insistence in providing a safe, comfortable, reassuring, and professional atmosphere is a comfort to all clients; especially for those who are unfamiliar with the ADR process. In addition to providing a safe, comfortable, and consistent level-headed demeanor, our administrative staff makes everyone’s job easier. We handle all the scheduling and paperwork to facilitate the ADR process and we gladly do it as a complimentary service. Most attorneys agree, this is a vital time saving service.

To accommodate the needs of attorneys and their clients,’ we offer meeting locations throughout the state. We recently opened our newest office in Plantation, Florida to handle the growing swell of counselors in western Broward County. The office has quickly become our most utilized location. Of course, we will always accommodate our clients by holding ADR sessions at any suitable location of their choosing.

We encourage attorneys to have their clients visit our website prior to mediation. The time spent will help educate their client about ADR, what to expect, and how the process is handled. We are also happy to answer any questions your client may have regarding how ADR works and what they can expect.