Judge Peter M. Weinstein (Ret.)

Jose Smith

Mr. Smith is a graduate with honors from the University of Florida. After gaining considerable litigation experience, he founded his own firm in 1983. He was Board Certified from 1992-1997. After serving on the Miami Beach City Commission for 8 years, he was appointed City Attorney, serving until 2014. He then served as City Attorney in North Miami Beach until 2018. For over 30 years, Mr. Smith has also been involved in all aspects of local government law. He has developed a unique, well rounded expertise in identifying complex legal problems and finding practical solutions.


Judge Leon M. Firtel (Ret.)

Leon has been actively involved in legal and judiciary services for more than five decades. Prior to becoming a Circuit Court Judge in 1997, Leon had practiced law for 24 years. Although the biggest part of his tenure on the Bench was in the Family Division, he also served in the Civil and Criminal Divisions. Practicing as both a private lawyer as well as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Miami (14 years), Leon gained excellent experience in a wide range of case matters, which had proved immensely valuable throughout his later career.