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Mediation is a highly effective tool, which can facilitate the resolution of disputes, by allowing the parties to maintain an active and ongoing narrative as...
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Binding Arbitration

Arbitration is a process whereby the parties select a neutral individual or panel of individuals to decide their dispute.  In essence, the arbitrators function as...
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Non-Binding Arbitration

Non-Binding Arbitration is provided for in Chapter 44 of the Florida Statutes as a manner to help settle cases.  In this process, the parties present...
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Appraisal / Neutral Umpire

Appraisal is a process that is available pursuant to many residential and commercial insurance policies. When an insured suffers a loss, rather than litigating all...
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Special Master / Magistrate Services

Special Masters/Magistrates are adjuncts of the court, who under court authority and appointment are assigned to perform specific tasks. The court utilizes the master/magistrate to...
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