Lester Langer

Lester Langer

Lester Langer


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Mediation Rates:

– 2 Party Case: $250 per party per hour
– 3 Party Case: $200 per party per hour
– 4 Party Case: $175 per party per hour

Minimum Fees:
– Half Day – 3 hours, or the amount of time reserved if more than 3 hours
– Full Day – 6 hours, or the amount of time reserved if more than 6 hours

The mediation fee is calculated based on your Mediator’s hourly billing rate as detailed above including any pre-mediation preparation time and post-mediation follow-up time spent on the matter.

Note: we do not charge any administrative, scheduling, or rescheduling fees. In exchange we ask that you please respect our time and the cancellation policy below.


If you need to cancel or reschedule, our office must be notified via email prior to the date and time indicated in your confirmation email for that particular mediation or arbitration in order to avoid the minimum fee.

Please note that for us to remain neutral, it is our policy to bill all parties equally for their portion of our minimum fees regardless of which party cancels a session or why it was canceled, even if it is being rescheduled, has settled, or one side is still willing to move forward.

  • Maritime disputes
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Real Estate Property/Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Probate Matters
  • Commercial/ Business Matters including ADA and other civil rights issues
  • Family and Divorce

Lester Langer, a retired County and Circuit Court Judge, was elected to the Miami-Dade County Court in 1992 and elevated to the 11th Judicial Circuit Court bench in 1997 where he served for 20 years. His judicial experience includes presiding over cases in the civil division of the County Court, the domestic violence division where he was the Associate Administrative Judge, the family division, the juvenile division where he was Associate Administrative judge and the general jurisdiction division of the Circuit Court. For 21 years prior to becoming a judge, Lester was actively engaged in the practice of law.

Lester is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil and Appellate mediator whose mediation specialties include personal injury litigation, first property cases, real property matters, family litigation including custody matters, maritime litigation, employment discrimination including ADA issues, probate litigation, business and commercial litigation and foreclosure.


  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Appellate Mediator
  • Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator
  • Elder Law Certification
  • Member, National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals
  • Member, Florida Academy of Professional Mediators
  • Windstorm Insurance Network Umpire


  • University of Miami, B.B.A.
  • University of Miami College of Law, Juris Doctor
  • Graduate of the Certificate program at Georgetown University
  • Completed Training as an Arbitrator through the American Arbitration Association
  • Completed training as a qualified arbitrator for non-binding arbitration by the Florida Supreme Court
  • Panel Member of the American Arbitration Association, 2013
  • Qualified as an Arbitrator by the Florida Supreme Court, 2013
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil and Appellate Mediator, 2012
  • Circuit Court Judge, 11th Circuit, 1997 to 2012
  • County Court, Miami-Dade, 1993 to 1997
  • Member of the 11th Circuit Professionalism Committee, 2013 to date
  • 2001 Recipient of Enid Curtis Pinkney Humanitarian Award
  • 2006 Recipient of Jurist of the Year Award, First Family Law of American Inns of Court
  • 2011 Recipient of Community Service Award by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation
  • 2012 Recipient of the Henry Anstead Professionalism Award by the Miami Dade County Justice Association
  • 2014 Recipient of the Manny Crespo Award by the Miami Dade County Justice Association
  • Adjunct Professor at the University of Miami Law School teaching a Family Law Workshop from 2002 to 2010
  • Instructor in the Miami Dade Community College Paralegal Program in Real Estate and Estate Planning, 1983 to 1986
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Kristi House, 1992 to 1997
  • Member of the Youth Advisory Board, 1989 to 1990
  • Member of the Coral Gables Historic Preservation Board, 1989 to 1992
  • 2003 Graduate Fellow of Zero to Three, The National Organization for Infants, Toddlers and Families in Washington, DC
  • Chairperson/Children’s Committee of the Dade County Standing Committee on Domestic Violence, 1994 to 1997
  • Member of the Dade County Canvassing Board, 1993 to 1997
  • Vice Chairman of the Juvenile Justice Board, 2000 to 2012
  • Chairperson of the Comprehensive Strategy-Miami-Dade County, 1998 to 2007
  • Producer and host of LAW YOU CAN USE on WLRN, 1993 to 1998
  • Member of The Florida Bar
  • Member of Dade County Bar Association
  • Member of the American Bar Association
  • Member of the American Judges Association
  • Member of the National Counsel of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
  • Member of the Cuban American Bar Association
  • Member of BNI, Energy
  • Member of the Florida Lawyers Network, Miami Chapter
  • Member of the National Association of Distinguished Neutrals
  • Director, Jewish Vocational Services, 1992 to 2001
  • Former President of the Homestead Bar Association
  • Former President, and Director of the Parent Resource Center of Dade County
  • Member of Temple Judea of Coral Gables, 1954 to date
  • Member and former Director of the Coral Gables Bar Association
  • Practiced law in Miami-Dade from 1971 until elected to the County Court and took the bench in January 1993
  • Florida Family Law, Chapter 92, “Non Parental Custody, published by Matthew Bender, 1987
  • Report presented to the Domestic Violence Task Force and OJJDP, Final Report of the Juvenile Domestic Violence Project of the 11th Judicial Circuit, March 1999
  • Juvenile and Family Court Journal, Spring 2004, Vol. 55 No. 2, Addressing Infant and Toddler Issues in Juvenile Court